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By Bayside Dental
December 05, 2018
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Find out how these common dental restorations could breathe new life back into your smile.

Teeth are amazingly strong. In fact, enamel is the strongest element found in your body. Despite knowing this it is important to understand that teeth can still sustain damage. Whether you are dealing with a fractured tooth or your tooth has fallen out, our Lexington Park, MD, family dentist Dr. Denise Mullinix has a solution to help restore your smile.

Who can benefit from a dental crown?

A dental crown or cap is a tooth-shaped restoration that is designed to fit over a tooth to cover and protect it. The crown acts as a protective barrier encapsulating the tooth to prevent further injury or problems. Your Lexington Park, MD, dentist will place a crown over a tooth that is:

  • Severely decayed
  • Cracked, fractured or broken
  • Is weak or extremely worn
  • Is misshapen, malformed or discolored (for cosmetic purposes)

If you’ve recently undergone root canal therapy, in many cases a dental crown will be placed over the treated tooth to strengthen it and restore full function. Of course, a crown can also be useful in restoring a missing tooth, as it can cover a dental implant or even support a dental bridge.

Who can benefit from a dental bridge?

If you are missing a single missing tooth or two teeth in a row but the rest of your teeth are healthy then you could be a good candidate for a dental bridge. A dental bridge fills the gap left over by your missing tooth and replaces it with a false tooth. In order to hold the false tooth in place, dental crowns are placed over the two teeth that surround the gap. The false tooth is then cemented to the crowns.

Do you have questions about getting dental crowns and bridges in Lexington Park, MD? Do you want to learn more about these common procedures and whether one of these restorations might benefit your smile? If so, call us today to schedule an appointment.