By Bayside Dental
July 20, 2018
Tags: Root Canal  

Root CanalThough root canals are a serious dental procedure, they are not as complex, time-consuming, or painful as their reputation would have you believe. In fact, this crucial treatment can actually save your tooth from tooth decay and, ultimately, extraction and allow your family dentist to restore your tooth’s structure and functionality. Find out more about root canals and the signs that you may need one with Dr. Denise Owens Mullinix at Bayside Dental in Lexington Park, MD.

Do I need a root canal? 
A root canal’s most obvious symptom is a toothache. However, other, more subtle clues are normally present before this painful sign occurs. These less obvious symptoms include:

  • a brown or black dot or a hole in the tooth
  • unexplained bad breath
  • sensitivity to hot and cold, especially while eating
  • pain when you bite down
  • brown or black stains on the surface of the tooth

Additionally, if the tissues surrounding the tooth become infected by decay, you may experience a dental abscess. This usually looks like a pimple located on the gums and may leak pus. An abscess is a serious condition and should be seen by your family dentist immediately.

What does a root canal accomplish? 
A root canal cleans the infected tissue from within the tooth’s inner pulp chamber and cleans the inside of the tooth. This allows the tooth’s structure to remain intact and, once filled, restores its functionality, allowing patients to go back to eating and speaking normally. Often, dentists recommend a dental crown to fit over the tooth to provide further protection from daily use. Thanks to a root canal, you can avoid extraction, which leaves behind a gap in your smile and causes other issues like shifting teeth and bone atrophy.

Root Canal Therapy in Lexington Park, MD 
Finding a cavity in its earliest stages allows your family dentist to treat it using a simple dental filling. However, if the decay reaches the inside of the tooth, a root canal becomes necessary. This makes preventative care like a strong at-home oral care routine and regular dental examinations and cleanings crucial in the fight against tooth decay. For more information on root canal therapy or why you may need one with Dr. Denise Owens Mullinix at Bayside Dental in Lexington Park, MD. Call (301) 862-2118 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Mullinix today!