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August 21, 2019
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Need one dentist for your entire family? A family dentist can meet all of your family's needs at one location. Family dentists treat individuals of all ages. While they treat children or young adults, they also help adults transform their smiles too. Led by Dr. Denise Owens Mullinix, Bayside Dental (located in Lexington Park, MD) provides state-of-the-art dental care to patients of all ages. Read on to explore the benefits of having a family dentist.

Education and Training

Family dentists have received the education and training needed to treat patients of all ages. All practicing family dentists have earned a dental degree and completed four years of an undergraduate program plus four years of dental school. In all states, dental practitioners must get a dental license to practice dentistry. Licensed dentists are also required to meet continuing education requirements to retain their licenses.

A Full Range of Services

Family dentists provide dental care to the patients they serve. These dental practitioners offer a big menu of dental services under one roof. Family dentists in Lexington Park diagnose and treat dental problems and help their patients develop better dental hygiene regimens. They clean teeth, fill cavities, perform oral surgery and dental extractions, and perform other duties to ensure their patients have healthy smiles. Many offices also offer cosmetic dental procedures to their patients.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Family dentists design their offices with the needs of adults and children in mind. It's important that you and your kids feel comfortable when visiting the dentist. If you have children, search for a dental office that has a comfortable, child-friendly atmosphere with a staff that is caring and works well with children.

Have an Emergency Go-To

A dental emergency is a dental problem that requires timely attention from a dental professional. Family dentists will provide emergency services when needed. Children are vulnerable to dental emergencies, especially if they enjoy playing outside or participate in sports. In case of a dental emergency, it's reassuring to know you can receive prompt treatment from the local office you trust.

A Lifetime of Dental Care

Your family dentist will ensure your kids have a healthy smile for a lifetime. Pediatric dental care providers specialize in the oral health of children, from infants and toddlers to teens. After that time, your children will need to search for another dental provider. A family dental care provider can treat your children throughout their whole lives.

Give your family the smile they deserve! Call Bayside Dental at (301) 862-2118 right now to schedule a dental appointment in Lexington Park, MD. Regular visits to a family dentist will get you and your whole family on the road to good oral health!

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June 11, 2019
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Dental extraction changes your mouth permanently, unless you replace those missing teeth with dental implants, today's most realistic Dental Implantdental prosthetics. At Bayside Dental in Lexington Park, Dr. Denise Owens Mullinix uses dental implants as the treatment of choice for tooth loss. They look and act just like real teeth, and because they reside in the jaw, they maintain bone health and strength. Learn all about them here.

Frequently asked questions about Lexington Park dental implants

How does a dental implant differ from bridgework or conventional dentures? A dental implant has three parts: a titanium metal screw (placed in the jaw), a metal alloy extension post and lifelike ceramic crown. Through a bonding process called osseointegration, the implant bonds to the jaw bone and improves its density, size and shape. Traditional tooth replacements cannot improve the bone.

Can I receive dental implants? The vast majority of healthy teens and adults can. Dr. Owens Mullinix will inspect your remaining teeth, gums, and underlying bone (via sophisticated digital imaging techniques) and review your medical history. Good jaw bone structure (particularly in the alveolar ridge) and a health immune system foster implant success. Some people need bone grafts or sinus lift procedures to ready their implant sites.

How long does the treatment take? Implant surgery (which happens right in the office) takes about an hour or so. Actual healing and final restoration with the post and crown occurs many weeks to months after that. This healing process is called osseointegration. It's vital to allow Nature dictate when the bone has fully integrated with the titanium implant.

I am missing several teeth. Can dental implants help me? Yes, even people who have lost all of their teeth may be able to get implant-supported bridges, partials or full dentures.

What is the overall success rate of implants? According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, dental implant procedures succeed about 95 percent of the time. When properly cared for, implants last for decades.

Do implants take special kinds of care? Yes and no are the best answers to this question. Dental implants require diligent brushing every day, along with careful flossing, but so do real teeth. So, if you're good about oral hygiene, you'll do fine with implants. They cannot decay, but implant sites may develop peri-implantitis (similar to gum disease) if patients neglect at-home and in-office hygiene. Also, tobacco usage encourages this destructive infection. So, if you smoke, seriously consider quitting before you undergo implant placement.

We can answer more questions

Learn all you can about dental implants. Dr. Denise Owens Mullinix and her team at Bayside Dental will be happy to help you decide if these wonderful tooth replacements are your best options. Call for a consultation appointment in Lexington Park, MD, at (301) 862-2118.

There are certain factors that can determine whether cosmetic dentistry is right for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry SmileWhen it comes to altering and enhancing your smile you want to choose the right treatment to fit your needs. This is where our Lexington Park, MD, dentist Dr. Denise Owens Mullinix can help. There are so many wonderful options out there that can give you the results you’ve been looking for. Here’s what you should consider before diving into cosmetic dentistry.

What do you wish to change about your smile?

It’s important for you to come in with specific and concrete cosmetic goals before coming in for your consultation with our Lexington Park, MD, cosmetic dentist. While we can help you determine the best treatment option we want to be able to meet your needs. Knowing what you are looking to achieve through cosmetic dentistry will give us a better understanding of what treatment or treatments to recommend to you.

Some reasons people get cosmetic dentistry are to improve:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Stains and discoloration
  • Misshapen or malformed teeth
  • Uneven or worn down teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Minor crookedness or misalignments

Fortunately, there are many cosmetic dentistry options out there that can give you the amazing results you are looking for, no matter if you want to make small adjustments or you want a full makeover. Some of the most popular options include,

Professional teeth whitening: If you are dealing with stains or discolorations that store-bought whitening products just aren’t fixing then it’s time to consider professional in-office whitening. Since this treatment is supervised by our dentist we can use a much stronger whitening gel coupled with a dental light, which will stimulate the activate ingredient to break up stains in a shorter amount of time.

Dental veneers: Are you dealing with several issues like discolorations, misshapen teeth, gaps between teeth, or chips and cracks? Want to get an overall more attractive smile? If so, then these ultra-thin porcelain shells may be all you need. These shells are bonded to the front of your teeth to hide common dental flaws.

Dental implants: We know how upsetting it can be to lose a tooth as an adult; fortunately, we offer the next best thing to a real tooth: a dental implant. An implant replaces your missing tooth roots by being placed into the jawbone where it will support a false tooth for several decades.

Could your smile use a little refresher? Want to completely revamp your appearance? No matter how minimally or significantly you want to enhance your smile, Bayside Dental in Lexington Park, MD, can help. Book a consultation with us today.

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February 12, 2019
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Are implants the right approach for replacing your missing teeth?

More and more adults dealing with tooth loss are turning to dental implants to replace their missing teeth. This is because this simple dental implantsrestoration is as close as you can actually come to a real tooth. An implant both functions and looks just like a real tooth and it could end up lasting the rest of your life if you maintain good oral hygiene. From the office of our Lexington Park, MD, family dentist Dr. Denise Mullinix, find out what dental implants can offer your smile.


What is a dental implant?

Before you understand how an implant works it’s first important to understand what it is. An implant is designed to replace the roots of a tooth. In order to do this, the implant will need to be placed within the jawbone. An implant is made up of three different parts,

  • A small metal post or screw: this is the implant itself that’s placed in the jawbone
  • An abutment: this sits on top of the implant and connects it with the false tooth
  • A crown: this is the part of the dental implant that is visible when you smile

Unlike other tooth replacement options, a dental implant is permanent and fixed in place. In fact, once the implant is surgically placed into the jawbone it actually fuses together with the jawbone.


What are the benefits of dental implants?

Since implants act just like real teeth they offer some pretty amazing and unique benefits for our patients in Lexington Park, MD, who are dealing with tooth loss:

  • Enjoy a permanent and long-term restoration
  • Fully restore proper speech and chewing
  • Fill gaps in your smile and improve your appearance
  • Boost your confidence
  • Prevent teeth from shifting into open gaps in your smile
  • Prevent bone loss
  • Support and preserve your facial’s natural structure

Bayside Dental in Lexington Park, MD, is dedicated to helping you maintain and achieve a healthier smile. If you are an adult dealing with tooth loss, then it’s time to call our office today to find out how dental implants could help you smile again.

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December 05, 2018
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Find out how these common dental restorations could breathe new life back into your smile.

Teeth are amazingly strong. In fact, enamel is the strongest element found in your body. Despite knowing this it is important to understand that teeth can still sustain damage. Whether you are dealing with a fractured tooth or your tooth has fallen out, our Lexington Park, MD, family dentist Dr. Denise Mullinix has a solution to help restore your smile.

Who can benefit from a dental crown?

A dental crown or cap is a tooth-shaped restoration that is designed to fit over a tooth to cover and protect it. The crown acts as a protective barrier encapsulating the tooth to prevent further injury or problems. Your Lexington Park, MD, dentist will place a crown over a tooth that is:

  • Severely decayed
  • Cracked, fractured or broken
  • Is weak or extremely worn
  • Is misshapen, malformed or discolored (for cosmetic purposes)

If you’ve recently undergone root canal therapy, in many cases a dental crown will be placed over the treated tooth to strengthen it and restore full function. Of course, a crown can also be useful in restoring a missing tooth, as it can cover a dental implant or even support a dental bridge.

Who can benefit from a dental bridge?

If you are missing a single missing tooth or two teeth in a row but the rest of your teeth are healthy then you could be a good candidate for a dental bridge. A dental bridge fills the gap left over by your missing tooth and replaces it with a false tooth. In order to hold the false tooth in place, dental crowns are placed over the two teeth that surround the gap. The false tooth is then cemented to the crowns.

Do you have questions about getting dental crowns and bridges in Lexington Park, MD? Do you want to learn more about these common procedures and whether one of these restorations might benefit your smile? If so, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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